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Serving Businesses throughout Muskoka

At Morrow Electric we understand how important it is to have your business running as smoothly as possible. The last thing you want is electrical concerns.

Since we started our own business more than 50 years ago we have assisted many business owners throughout the Muskoka area in constructing or improving their facilities.

We are skilled in assessing the needs of individual businesses and developing solutions that fit a business's unique situation. We listen to what you need to accomplish and then make sure that all of your possible electrical needs will be met.


Business Electrical Services

Muskoka Business ElectricalFull Service Installations
Morrow Electric is fully licensed and experienced in wiring commercial facilities in Muskoka. We commonly perform new service installations ranging from 100amp to 800amp in single and 3 phase. We also specialize in Pole Line Construction and are fully licensed for primary terminations.

Light up your Business
Morrow Electric is also highly experienced with a wide range of different lighting systems. An efficient lighting solution can end up saving you considerable amounts on your electrical bill.

Heating your Business
Most businesses also require trusted heating systems that will keep everyone able to continue their inside work regardless of the temperature outside. At Morrow Electric we will work with you to find the most effective and economical heating solution.

Back-up Power
We also offer many back-up power generator options to ensure that your business will never experience any down time.

Quick Emergency Response
If an electrical problem arises, our team is always quick to respond. We operate a full fleet of radio dispatched service vehicles and are on call 24/7, in case of emergency.


Contact us today for a quote on a new installation, a service upgrade, or to answer any questions you may have.




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