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The Morrow team of certified electricians is recognized throughout the Muskoka Lakes for their quick response and effective project completion.

Serving the Muskoka Lakes since 1952, the Morrow Electric name has been built upon a commitment to professionalism and quality. We pride ourselves in providing a friendly courteous service and strive to effectively meet each customer's unique electrical needs.

All our employees are fully trained and licensed electricians with many years of hands-on experience in the Muskoka area.

Furthermore, we are available for service calls 24/7 in the Muskoka Lakes area, ensuring that your electrical needs are met around the clock.

Morrow Electric: Servicing the Muskoka Lakes
Port Carling, Ontario

Morrow Electric offers a wide range of electrical services ranging from complete electrical installations and generator sales to pole line construction and 'mini' excavations. We operate a fleet of service vehicles, including boats that enable us to meet the unique needs of our many island customers.

Call us today for a quote, recommendations on your future project or if you have any questions about the services we provide.


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